Sometimes the magic of Disney Movies—particularly Disney Channel movies—comes from the beautiful, fun songs the characters sing throughout the film. Those moments in which the audience gets immersed deeper into the fictional world and feels like they are one more of the characters.

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From witches singing to bewitch their audiences to teenage rock stars asking an entire town to hide their identity, Disney movies have given songs for everyone to enjoy. Every musical number feels special and gives the movie something extra to be even more memorable.

‘Put a Spell on You’

The Sanderson sisters singing 'Put a Spell on You.'

Everyone is familiar with the Sanderson sisters and their strong magic. Hocus Pocus, one of the best Halloween movies on Disney+, introduced everyone to the coven of three in 1993. If their magic, evil ways, and fashion sense weren’t enough, the sisters had everyone under their spell with music.

Although from the beginning, viewers knew music was powerful as Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) bewitched children with her song, nothing compared to their musical number, "Put a Spell on You." An entire town fell for the sisters, leaving the children to save the night.

‘What Dreams Are Made Of’

Hilary Duff as Lizzie and Isabella in 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie.'

What teenager doesn’t dream of traveling to Rome with their friends? Now add to that meeting a famous singer and performing in the Colosseum. Yes, The Lizzie McGuire Movie had all of it! And to wrap it up, Lizzie and Isabella bring the house down with "What Dreams Are Made Of."

Hilary Duff portrayed Lizzie and Isabella, bringing one of Disney’s themes to life: lost twins or doppelgängers. This scene was perfect with its lights, colors, music, and every character dancing.

‘Take Me Away’

Jamie Lee Curtis in 'Freaky Friday.'

Jamie Lee Curtis is everyone’s favorite Halloween star, but her role as Dr. Tess Coleman in Freaky Friday was one for the books. Her chemistry with Lindsay Lohan is undeniable, and the mother/daughter duo gave one of the best performances in Disney movie history.

As Anna is in her mom’s body, Jamie Lee Curtis plays the guitar as her daughter’s band plays on stage in House of Blues. No one can forget that moment, as the guitar solo felt magical and made the entire band sound fantastic, getting everyone’s attention. This moment also allowed the complicated duo to understand one another better.

‘Somebody to Love’

Anne Hathaway in 'Ella Enchanted.'

Everyone fell in love with Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, so it was no surprise when she stole the audience once more during Ella Enchanted. Ella has had a spell on her since birth, a gift from a fairy godmother to obey everything she is told to do. So, when the giants ask her to sing, she cannot say no.

However, this magical gift of obedience leads to one of the best scenes in the movie, as Ella lets loose and gives her best to the song. Ella’s version of "Somebody to Love" is one of the best renditions of the famous song by Queen.

‘Breaking Free’

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron singing 'Breaking Free.'

The High School Musical movies make for some of the best Disney Channel movies. Premiering in 2006 with the first one, the series, which guest-starred celebrities you may have forgotten, gave audiences worldwide a list of songs and dances to memorize. "Breaking Free," sung by Troy and Gabriella, provided one of the most memorable scenes in High School Musical history.

As the two main characters struggled to find themselves in a school that expected different from them, they came together to audition for the school musical. That is when they show the entire school, friends, and family that one can be many things and not fit one label.

‘That’s How You Know’

Characters from 'Enchanted' dancing at Central Park.

In 2007, Disney introduced the world to Giselle (Amy Adams), a cartoon character that comes to the real world in Enchanted. Like any Disney princess, she was prone to break into songs, befriend animals, and carry herself with a particular naivety. She was also a firm believer in true love.

That is why she sings "That’s How You Know" in the middle of Central Park. This scene combined hundreds of people singing and dancing around the park and in the fountain. Workers, brides, and balloons take over the screen, making it a joyful, colorful, and fun moment in the movie.

‘This is Me’

Demi Lovato singing 'This is Me.'

Viewers love stories in which the outcast gets to shine and overcome different challenges. Camp Rock gave them exactly that when Demi Lovato’s character ends up falling in love with the popular guy and upstaging everyone else in camp with her solo, "This is Me."

Throughout the movie, fans wait for Mitchie Torres’s talent to be discovered for people to realize how amazing she really is. As in the rest of Disney Channel’s movies, the protagonist will always find her way and shine. In this case, she did it through a song.

‘The Climb’

Miley Cyrus in 'Hannah Montana: The Movie.'

For viewers of Hannah Montana, Miley and Hannah were the same people, a secret they were in on through the screen. However, for most of the characters in her world, the singer and the teenager were two different people. Until one day, in Hannah Montana: The Movie, the people of her town find out they are one and the same.

Then, Miley sings "The Climb," allowing the audience to see a more vulnerable side of her. A pivotal moment in Hannah Montana's history as the titular character's two personalities become one. Lucky for her, the town then promises to keep her secret so she can continue her career.


'Determinate' performance of 'Lemonade Mouth.'

Lemonade Mouth is another Disney Channel movie that explores teenagers following their dreams. Five students come together to form a band and go against a popular rock band. The odds are that they will fail, but the movie proves those expectations wrong.

"Determinate" allows the viewers to see the teenagers playing instruments and singing at their very best. It shows they can keep a live audience entertained and that their talent goes beyond their age.

‘One Way or Another’

The Sanderson sisters performing 'One Way or Another.'

When news spread of the Sanderson sisters coming back to the screen, everyone expected them to have at least one musical number. Lucky for the fans, they had two! However, when they take the stage on Hocus Pocus 2 and perform their version of ‘One Way or Another,’ they remind everyone why their characters have been iconic for nearly three decades.

Although the second movie has its differences from the first one, the Sanderson sisters are still capable of bewitching the fans. With perfect harmony, a flash mob, and Bette Midler on the lead, this is yet another legendary performance.

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