This week, the American Society of Cinematographers unveiled the list of nominees for its 37th annual award ceremony, which includes The Batman’s cinematographer Greg Fraser. During an exclusive interview with Collider’s Steven Weintraub for the 15th anniversary of Cloverfield, director Matt Reeves commented on Fraiser’s well-deserved nomination while discussing how nominating bodies tend to ignore superhero movies.

Released in 2022, The Batman became one of DC Studio’s most critically acclaimed and financially successful movies. While Reeves has been praised for his unique vision for Gotham City and the Dark Knight mythos, there are many other people were involved in the development of The Batman. One of these talented artists is Fraiser, who helped Reeves find the right aesthetic for the movie. The Batman is, above everything else, beautiful to look at, and Fraiser truly deserves his ASC nomination. As Reeves tells us, the director thinks the same, saying:

“I love working with Greig, and I just think he is such an incredible cinematographer, and we just have such a wonderful, creative experience together. I think we kind of have this thing where we both really respond very emotionally to the same things. To work with somebody who is so gifted, as he is, and to have that kind of emotional connection where we're in the pursuit of—I just feel like we're always on the hunt for the same thing. He's just so special. So I hope he wins. I don't know if he will, but he certainly deserves to in my book. I just think he's the best. I really, I love him.”

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If Fraser wins this year’s ASC award, he will be taking the prize home two years in a row. In 2022, Fraiser won for Dune, before going on to win the coveted Academy Award. A victory that would also help audiences recognize that The Batman was a movie deserving of similar praise, despite the fact that award shows frequently ignore superhero projects. Reeves also commented on how certain genres rarely get the attention they deserve, saying:

“A lot of times that kind of stuff is overlooked. Genre is often, and certain kinds of genre is overlooked. Certainly comic book movies, that's not usually in the conversation. So that is very gratifying. I mean, we've gotten, not just Greig, but our sound guys, and Mike Marino who did the incredible makeup for Colin Farrell for Oz. We've had a lot of people from the movie be recognized and in the conversation. That's very exciting.”

What the Future of Reeves’ BatVerse Looks Like?

In our interview with Reeves, the director confirmed that he’s still working on The Batman sequel, despite co-heads of DC Studios James Gunn and Peter Safran's plan to unify the DC Universe into a single storyline. In fact, The Penguin, a series starring Colin Farrell as the titular villain, is going into production this year. That means we haven’t seen the last of Reeves' Gotham City. And hopefully, Fraiser will be back to help maintain the visual quality of the BatVerse.

The gorgeous new limited-edition Cloverfield 4K Ultra HD SteelBook arrives on January 17, 2023. There’s no release window for The Batman sequel nor The Penguin series. For now, check out our interview with Reeves from before The Batman was released in theaters below.