Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will go up against another speedster to save the timeline in the final season of The Flash. The CW has shared a new trailer for the show's upcoming ninth season. The new trailer shows that Barry has a "Map Book," which shows him what will happen before it happens. This includes Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) getting pregnant in three months.

The new footage shows Barry saying that an unknown speedster wants to build a time machine, putting the whole timeline will be at stake. The trailer also shows Richard Harmon as the new Captain Boomerang. The Flash also goes up against Pied Piper/Hartley Rathaway (Andy Mientus), who has appeared throughout the series since its first season. The trailer concludes with a shot of The Flash, with a voice-over from Barry saying "let's do this one last time."

The Flash premiered on The CW in October 2014. Gustin's Barry Allen previously appeared in two episodes of Arrow in 2013, which concluded with him getting struck by lightning. The series ending with its upcoming ninth season was announced in August. The show's ninth season will make it the longest-running Arrowverse series, surpassing Arrow which concluded after eight seasons in 2020. "The Flash will be remembered as one of the greatest shows in the history of The CW, and everyone involved in its excellent nine-season run should be very proud," CW Network President Brad Schwartz said in December. "The team has delivered an epic final season, filled with plenty of twists, guest stars, and surprises that will delight every fan. Now is the time to catch up and enjoy this fantastic final ride alongside the fastest man alive."

The Flash-Candice Patton Grant Gustin
Image via The CW

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The Flash's ninth season will also conclude the Arrowverse, which began with Arrow in 2012. Multiple familiar faces from other Arrowverse series will be making an appearance in Season 9 of The Flash. One of them will be Javicia Leslie, who starred in the second and third seasons of Batwoman as Ryan Wilder/Batwoman. Nicole Maines will reprise her role as Dreamer/Nia Nal from Supergirl, and David Ramsey will also appear as John Diggle from Arrow. Earlier this month, it was announced that Stephen Amell will return as Oliver Queen in the final season. During The Flash's first six seasons, Oliver was a mentor to Barry. Barry was by Oliver's side, along with Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), when he died in "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

The ninth and final season of The Flash will premiere on February 8 on The CW. The new trailer can be watched below: