Saban Films shared today with Collider an exclusive trailer for their upcoming action-thriller movie Ambush. Led by Aaron Eckhart and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the story is based on real-life events and follows a group of soldiers who are tasked with invading enemy territory during the Vietnam War. Their mission is to retrieve documents that can change the entire outcome of the conflict. Saban Films also revealed when and where the movie will become available, and we can now tell you it will premiere on February 24 simultaneously in theaters, on Digital and On Demand.

The trailer for Ambush starts off with pretty much what you’d expect from a war action movie: Shootings, casualties, bombs, and explosions. But it quickly moves away from that to reveal what sets this movie apart. It's all about a binder that will probably become the most important object in the story. The mission is quite simple: The document needs to be retrieved and destroyed “at any cost,” and the execution of this plan will be hell on Earth – with a twist.

The Only Way in Is Under The Ground

Among all the chaos, soldiers realize the best way to infiltrate the enemy territory is by going underground, but that also brings its own set of problems. How safe are you when you put your team in small underground passages? And, worst of all, what if the enemy is aware of the “flaw” in their security and prepared a trap? The action movie can quickly become a thriller when the soldiers start venturing into the unknown.

Image via Saban Films

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Ambush is directed by Mark Burman, who has an extensive career as producer with titles that include Dog Eat Dog and Your Name Here. Burman helms his third project, and co-writes the Ambush script with Michael McClung (Regarding the Case of Joan of Arc) and Johnny Lozano, who makes his feature film writing debut. Aside from Rhys Meyers and Eckhart, the cast also features Connor Paolo (Revenge), Mac Brandt (The Thing About Pam), Jordan Johnson-Hinds (Upload), and Jeff Caperton (Deepwater Horizon).

2023 is An Exciting Year for Jonathan Rhys Meyers Fans

The war movie marks an exciting year for Rhys Meyers, who is slated to appear in several other projects across different genres. Earlier in the same month, the actor will star in Disquiet, a horror/mystery with a different concept. He’ll also be seen in Food Fight, a movie whose details are still a mystery but with teaser posters that hint at a dark comedy setting.

Ambush premieres in theaters, on Digital and On Demand on February 24. You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Vikings) star in this intense, gritty and action-packed Vietnam War epic. When a small outpost is ambushed, a US Army squad must take the battle below ground on a high-stakes mission in a new type of warfare the likes of which they have never seen.