Discussing the Landscaping Industry with Bryan Clayton


Bryan Clayton

Bryan Clayton is a serial entrepreneur who is the Co-Founder and CEO of GreenPal, an online lawn care marketplace. His platform, which is now a 9-nine figure business, connects users to lawn care professionals. Before he started this company, he founded another landscaping company called Peachtree Inc. After the business reached $10 million in annual revenue, he sold it. His expertise is in small business growth, bootstrapping businesses, entrepreneurship, and marketing.



Listen to Bryan Clayton from GreenPal discuss the past, present, and future of the landscaping industry.

On this episode, Bryan discusses how the lawn care industry has changed over the years and where it is headed in the future. He also discusses new opportunities in the home services industry.

Tune in to find out:

How the lawn care industry has evolved.
What is the future of the lawn care industry?
What are the opportunities in the home services industry?
He also discusses what they have in mind to grow their platform in the future.


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