Treason Season 1 sees Adam Lawrence (Charlie Cox) made "C" or Chief of MI6 after his boss Sir Martin Angelis (Ciarán Hinds) is poisoned by Adam's ex-lover Kara (Olga Kurylenko). His wife Maddy (Oona Chaplin) is manipulated into spilling his secrets by her friend Dede (Tracy Ifeachor) who is investigating Adam's meteoric rise in MI6 for the CIA. While the plot of Treason does get neatly wrapped up in its five-episode limited release, we have still been left with a few unanswered questions.

What Happened to the Mother of Adam's Kids, Sian?

Maddy, played by Oona Chaplin, standing in front of her stepchildren Ella, played by Beau Gadsdon, and Callum, played by Samuel Leakey, looking scared and concerned in Netflix's 'Treason.'
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It is made clear early on in Treason that Maddy is Adam's kids' stepmother. Not that it means she loves them any less, as Maddy is shown to be a devoted and loving parent to Ella (Beau Gadsdon) and Callum (Samuel Leakey). We never get the full story about what happened to their biological mom, but when Adam first becomes C, it is clear that his daughter Ella is very concerned for their safety (even before she was kidnapped), which could possibly suggest that her mother died in violent or traumatic circumstances.

Did Kara Really Go Back to Russia?

Olga Kurylenko as Kara in Netflix limited series 'Treason'
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When Maddy asks Kara where she is going, she says back to Russia which seems crazy after everything that just happened. Firstly, Kara had been on a 15-year revenge mission after her men were killed in Baku – they were killed on the orders of Russia, in order to start a revolution that would allow the Russian government to take over. It seems surprising that Kara would want to go back there after this unless she secretly has further plans for revenge. Secondly, in the Treason finale, Kara kills Patrick (Adam James), Russia's high-level double agent. If they ever found out that she cost them such a valuable asset, it would lead to a very sticky end for her. Overall, it seems it would be much better for Kara to go somewhere new and live peacefully in retirement.

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Do 'Treason's Good Guys Become PM (Prime Minister) and C (MI6 Chief)?

Alex Kingston as Audrey Gratz in Netflix's 'Treason.'
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Throughout Treason, there were two main contenders in the running for British Prime Minister, Audrey Gratz (Alex Kingston) and Robert Kirby (Simon Lenagan). While those around Kirby were planning on using him as a Russian puppet, Gratz was shown to be smart and brave, and in the end helpful in bringing down Sir Martin Angelis. While we are led to believe that she would be a better leader, the British people are not necessarily privy to the same things we are. She did just suffer a major scandal when it was leaked that she used a government plane to fly in a doctor to end her mother's life (though she claims her mother died of natural causes). So it is quite possible that it is Kirby who gets to live in Number 10.

Similarly, we never get to see who takes over from Angelis as C, although in this case, it is more likely that our "good guy" candidate gets the job, seeing as he is the only real candidate left. Malik Banajee (Sargon Yelda) is a dedicated public servant whom Adam, Kara, and Maddy turned to when they were in desperate need. He came through for them, helping to bring down Angelis, and clearly deserves the job. With Adam dead, the only other candidate is Patrick, who might actually have a decent shot, as he was never exposed to anyone but Angelis (and as he had already been dishonored, it might not have mattered). However, as Kara managed to poison him before MI6 could install another corrupt man at the helm, it seems likely that Banajee ended up with the top job.

Does Maddy Manage to Bring Dede Down?

Tracy Ifeachor as Dede in Netflix's 'Treason.'
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When Dede was sent by the CIA to investigate Adam, she used her connection with his wife Maddy to gain intel. She tried to convince Maddy that he was a traitor, and used the fact that she saved Maddy's life in Helmand to get her to report on him and plant a tracker in his wallet. After Maddy realized that it was the CIA that kidnapped her stepdaughter Ella and that Adam was innocent, she broke off contact with the CIA. In an attempt to further her career, Dede then agreed to kill Adam for Angelis in return for proof that he was a traitor. When Dede successfully tracks Adam, Maddy, and Kara down after they have retrieved the files, Maddy sees her once-friend shoot her husband, and later vows that she will destroy Dede's career for what she did. Maddy showed throughout Treason to be more than capable of doing so, especially now that she has contacts at high levels of government and MI6. However, it seems that she may need to spend her time with her kids, who have been through a series of traumatic situations. They lost their mother, Ella was kidnapped (twice), they were shot at by a sniper, and then they lost their father. Maddy will no doubt make them a priority for the time being, and hopefully not engage in any activities that put her or her family in danger. Although if she can bring Dede down with a few phone calls, then we say — destroy her!

Could There be a 'Treason' Season 2, and What Could It be About?

Charlie Cox as Adam Lawrence in Netflix limited series 'Treason'
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The main character of Season 1, Adam Lawrence, is dead, and the storyline has neatly been resolved with little to no loose ends, which would usually mean there is no need for a second season. In addition, Treason is also a limited series, so it is highly unlikely that it would continue. However, if Treason continues to be successful, Netflix could choose to renew it for a second season. If they wish to bring back Charlie Cox, Treason would need to be a prequel, perhaps set in Baku when Kara and Adam first met. Although the show also needn't be about the same characters, one option for Season 2 would be to use a similar formula as the first season and create another cast of characters, or feature some of the side characters of Season 1 to keep it within the same universe. They could even choose to focus the story on another intelligence agency such as the CIA, ASIO, or the NSA.

Treason is streaming now on Netflix.