The enchanting fictional world of a story is so enticing that sometimes we can’t help but exceed the bounds of that world and bring some magic to reality or other worlds we think about. Opening a fairy tale storybook can bring back such charming memories for most of us, and so does the world of Harry Potter.

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Now imagine both worlds coinciding and bringing the gorgeous princesses and queens into the mystical world of Hogwarts. The distant land of Hogwarts has everything from spells, wands, and sorcerers to knowledge, secret diaries, and evil professors. It’s fascinating to imagine trusting and innocent Disney princesses in such a world. Moreover, it will be double the fun to see them being sorted into the prestigious houses of Hogwarts based on their characteristics.

Ariel - Gryffindor

Human Ariel brushing her hair with a fork

Ariel can be a bit of a dork, like not understanding what a fork is - what did people use to eat meals beneath the sea? But how brave of her was it to take a risk and give up her voice in exchange for the opportunity to live on land? Without first informing anyone, to go to Ursula, the Sea Witch, and strike a deal? While it's true that these behaviors sound reckless, don't they also sound like the recklessness that Gryffindors are renowned for?

Her attitude of disobedience and willingness to disregard others' wishes are similar to Harry Potter and all his ill-fated schemes. Ariel does exhibit some traits from the other Houses, too, such as her devotion to her companions, an array of daydreams, and the urge to be more than she is.

Snow White - Hufflepuff

Adriana Caselotti and Lucille La Verne voicing characters in 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs'
Image via Walt Disney Animation Studios

An all-time favorite Hufflepuff character is the original Disney Princess (and that includes Harry Potter characters). She embodies every Hufflepuff virtue. Because of her extreme trustworthiness, Snow White accepts an apple from an unknown stranger in the woods (kids, don't do this). In particular with the dwarfs and other woodland creatures, she is compassionate and patient.

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Snow White would perform best in Care of Magical Creatures if she attended Hogwarts. She conversed with animals while cleaning. She and Hagrid would definitely become close because of the animals. There are only two possibilities that make sense after Hogwarts: magizoologist or building caretaker (as Filch was at Hogwarts)

Jasmine - Slytherin

Jasmine from Aladdin

Jasmine is a fantastic addition to Slytherin because of her desire to challenge convention and become Sultan. She will go to whatever lengths necessary to realize her goals, even resorting to using herself as a weapon over Jafar. She often sneaks out to the market, displaying her ingenuity.

Jasmine would thrive at Apparition in her seventh year if she attended Hogwarts. She might also enjoy Quidditch and make a good Chaser or Keeper for her team! Jasmine would spend the rest of her life as an Auror seeking the position of Minister of Magic once she graduated from the school.

Belle - Gryffindor

Maurice and Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Some people might believe Belle is a Ravenclaw by virtue of her reading and intelligence. However, despite the fact that she resembles Hermione in certain ways, she is actually more of a Gryffindor than a Ravenclaw. Although both females would feel equally at home in Ravenclaw, their courage and nerve allowed them to interact with McGonagall and Dumbledore.

Just consider how Belle gave up her freedom for her father or how she attempted to tame the Beast rather than allowing herself to be petrified of him. She didn't just read books for information; she also did it to escape her small French village. True Gryffindors have that sense of adventure and courage.

Tiana - Slytherin

Tiana in Princess and the Frog

Already, Tiana's color scheme is ideal for the home she would be placed into. She is the ideal Slytherin because of her ambition and desire to achieve the life she envisions. Despite everyone telling her it won't work, she is prepared to do whatever it takes, including kissing a frog, to open her own restaurant.

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Potions are similar to cooking and baking, thus this princess would be excellent at them. She would spend time concocting fresh remedies to aid students at exam time. Tiana would train as a cook and open a renowned restaurant on Diagon Alley that was frequented by witches and wizards.

Rapunzel - Ravenclaw


Because Rapunzel is the most imaginative Disney princess, Ravenclaw is lucky to have her. She develops her creative skills throughout her entire life while imprisoned in the tower. She also has a strong mind and is a quick learner. She also quickly makes friends due to her insatiable curiosity rather than her kindness.

Most of Rapunzel's classes would go well, although she would favor Muggle Art courses. The only Ravenclaw out of all the Disney princesses would struggle to pick just one career. She would succeed, though, as a novelist and artist. She wouldn't be like Gilderoy Lockhart, though; her tales wouldn't be presented as fiction, and they wouldn't be full of lies.

Merida - Gryffindor

Princess Merida from 'Brave' holding a bow and arrow

Given that Merida is from the film Brave, it should go without saying that she qualifies in House Gryffindor. Merida is the Disney Princess who refused to be a princess in the conventional sense, instead triumphing in the contest that was set up to find her a suitor. She is stubborn, careless, and impetuous.

Although she won't let anybody else determine her fate or how she should live her life, she occasionally makes snap decisions without giving them much thought - like unintentionally transforming her mother into a bear. Merida is the kind of girl you'd want on your Quidditch team. She could kick some major butt and is more of a fighter than a damsel in distress. She is bold, nervous, and, well, brave! She is definitely a Gryffindor, there's no denying it.

Anna - Hufflepuff

Anna in Frozen

Due to her carelessness, Anna almost ended up in Gryffindor. Her devotion to Elsa and their friends, though, was the driving force behind all of her decisions. She has complete faith in everyone and is devoted to her loved ones. Her positivity is contagious, even after losing Elsa and Olaf. We have a queen of House Hufflepuff!

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Anna would succeed in Charms, just like her sister had. She would also spend a lot of time conversing with the Centaurs on the outskirts of the forbidden forest and being around animals. After Hogwarts, Anna might work in Ministry of Magic, most likely in the Muggle Relations department.

Mulan - Gryffindor

Mulan (1998)
Image via Disney

Mulan, another feisty-as-hell woman, is unquestionably a Gryffindor House member. First things first: she posed as a male to fight in her father's stead and defend their nation. It didn't matter if she might be executed or put to death if she were discovered to be a woman of noble birth; she sounds exactly like a daring and bold Gryffindor!

She also kicked butt while battling! Despite being smaller and skinnier than the other warriors (and frequently made fun of), she never gave up on herself, and Gryffindors take pleasure in their tenacity. Mulan bucked the obstacles and stopped acting in the stereotypically feminine manner that the other ladies in her life did.

Elsa - Slytherin

Elsa from Frozen
Image via Disney

She appears to be too much of a natural leader to be comfortable in the House of those who are intelligent, yet some people could be tempted to put her in Ravenclaw because she is obviously insightful and thoughtful. She belongs in Slytherin, without a doubt. She is not the best at expressing her emotions, separating herself from Anna because of the ungainly abilities that have hurt her in the past, despite the fact that she loves her sister.

The newly-crowned Queen of Arendelle, Elsa also attempts to protect her sister, even if her intentions aren't always clear—a mistake that most Slytherins make. Elsa could have made a different choice if she had been surrounded by individuals other than those who cared for her.

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